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Some workshops that I have visited or have some personal knowledge of

Edinburgh Print Workshop, Scotland

A print workshop which is dedicated to non-toxic printmaking. It offers classes and I also benefited from excellent 1-1 tuition there. Their website provides useful information on printmaking methods and processes under 'Innovative Printmaking'

Birmingham Printmakers

I was a member of this workshop for many years before I got my own studio. At the time, it was in the process of changing to non-toxic processes which was completed a few years ago. It has good facilities and courses, and members frequently exhibit together and individually.

North Notts Printworkshop and Sarah Godfrey

Sarah has provided excellent training and carried out extensive customised equipment tests which saved considerable time when setting up printmaking facilities. She also runs courses at North Notts Printworkshop.

Northern Print Workshop, Newcastle upon Tyne

This was a very good non-toxic workshop when I used it on an open access basis in 2004. It has since moved premises, expanded, and continues to be a workshop and gallery well worth visiting.
Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries, Scotland

I attended printmaking workshops here in 2002 and 2003 when Keith Howard and Friedhart Kiekeben ran courses on using photopolymer print and non-toxic etching, and they trialled the new Akua inks. There are excellent courses in a lovely centre which has a good permanent art collection and holds frequent temporary exhibitions. Kiekeben has created a website with comprehensive information about various processes including the Edinburgh Etch, originally formulated by him.




Horsley Printmakers

I have worked with Rebecca Vincent before she established the thriving Horsley Printmakers with Carol Nunan in Newcastle upon Tyne. See their website for information on the work they are doing there.

Joan Hausrath, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA

I greatly enjoyed working with Joan in her studio in Slater Mill creating monoprints and using polyester litho plates. Joan now offers small group workshops and 1-1 in her studio - when she isn't travelling (and she's a keen traveller!)

New Grounds Printworkshop, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

An amazing experience spending time at this workshop on Route 66. I stayed in a quirky motel just down the road and had 1-1 instruction from Regina Held on photopolymer gravure. It was hightly entertaining as well as informative. The workshops are large and include 6 etching presses, a darkroom and etching area. A print gallery as well as Matrix Fine Art gallery are attached.